Al Barth is an American painter who offers Iris Printed Giclee Art Prints of his paintings. You can view these Artworks in the Artwork Gallery of this web site.

As you explore these web pages, you will become aware that each area deals with digital art. This means that while each area has begun as my original painting, illustration, or authorship, they move from my initial concept to a collaborative effort, where I work with digital artists to create much of the work that is described in this web site. I consider this an interesting aspect in the creative process.

Please look at what we have to offer and if you have inquiries please don't hesitate to reach us via the Contact page.

In addition to expanding this Gallery periodically, we are working on other web pages to display 3-D Illustrations of Conceptual Color Space and publications that incorporate these models. The models will come with explanations that introduce a new and exciting way to understand color's role in conceptual space.